Congratulations you’ve set the date and are looking for a celebrant. You’ve come to the right person as I can help you plan and prepare for your big day. I’ll help you to complete the legal requirements then work with you to write a ceremony about you and your relationship. It’s your wedding so I welcome your input and work with you to make your special day perfect!
Below is useful information on wedding procedures, ceremony samples as well as sample vows and readings. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information on 03 9421 5190.

Watch ceremonies I have performed for my delighted clients

As your celebrant I will assist you through the marriage process including completing all paperwork and ceremony creation. I will also conduct a rehearsal on site and the ceremony on your wedding day.

Since becoming a celebrant in 2005 I have conducted many weddings and other ceremonies. The choice of the ceremony and location is entirely up to you and I’m happy to travel to your favourite spot. I’ve conducted weddings on beaches, in gardens, in homes, reception centres, interstate, overseas and even on the stage of the Athenaeum Theatre.

Planning and organising a wedding can be stressful and I’d like to meet you and your fiancé to chat about your wedding plans then assist you by working with you to plan and prepare your ceremony. Firstly I’ll take the worry from your shoulders and help you complete legal documents and then work with you to create a wonderful ceremony. For this reason I like to organise the ceremony even months before your wedding day. That way you can worry about one less thing leading up to your big day.

As a client of TrevorRice-Celebrant I will give you a complimentary voucher for a name change kit so you can change your name after you’re married.

I’ll work with you to:

*complete and lodge all legal paperwork relating to your marriage
*create a unique marriage ceremony
*organise a rehearsal that takes the worry out of the ceremony
*conduct your ceremony using a PA system that plays CDs so your guests can hear the ceremony and your vows.
And now to the legals.
Firstly you have to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage which must be lodged with a celebrant a month and a day before the wedding and is current for 18 months. Under special circumstances you may be able to shorten this time but permission can only be granted by Births, Deaths and Marriages.

To complete the NOIM you will need to show me:

*your birth certificate (if you are an Australian citizen)
*your passport (if not an Australian citizen)
*your divorce certificate or death certificate (of your Spouse) if you’ve been married before.
You’ll need to sign the NOIM and have it witnessed by a celebrant or other person listed on the NOIM. I’m also required to mention that you should consider premarital education and give you the brochure ‘Happily Ever Before and After’.

Now that you’ve completed the NOIM we move on to planning your ceremony. What does a marriage ceremony look like and what must be included?